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Established in 2000

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JC Awnings is a family owned and operated business that specializes in design, fabrication, and installation of commercial and residential awnings. JCAwnings has been serving South Florida customers for more than 18 years and our quality has rated us as the best awnings company in miami. We provide permanent and custom awnings with over 20 styles and hundreds of colors to choose from including the finest vinyl and textile materials in the market.

JC Awnings is a direct distributor of subrella, a partner corporation that provides hundreds of colors in all types of fabrics for awnings. We offer free estimates and provide written quotes in English or Spanish, whatever you prefer. Please give us a call before planning your next awning installation. 

We are here to server you.

Jorge & Carmen Arteaga


We provide the best installers in the market. Our skilled professionals are licensed and insured and your job is guaranteed to be installed per structural building code.


After installation, our team can provide coverage for repairs due to hurricanes and/or negligence.  In  either case, we`re  here  to help you.


WE Got You Covered at JC awnings

We LOVE our customer’s satisfaction, enthusiastic online reviews… and we want our next one from you!  We work hard to earn your trust, to earn your business, and to earn your excellent feedback.

That’s why, when you make the call to  The Best Awning Company in Miami, you can rest assured you’re getting the most outstanding products and service money can buy.

We guarantee you this !

Even after you’re enjoying your new custom awning or sun shade, if problems come along, so will we.  We’ll come back, and we’ll stay until the challenge is solved… completely.

The Best Awnings Company in Miami JC Awnings can even give you peace-of-mind regarding some of the most worrisome special circumstances in our particular hurricane season in Florida…

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Best Residential Awnings
    • Wind:  In Miami, high winds are always a possibility during hurricane season – and a concern.  That’s why The Best Awnings Company in the area recommends our cover removing service and reinstallation at the end of the hurricane season witch could save you money.
    • Rain: Some manufacturers offer a great All-Weather Warranty which not only covers high-wind circumstances, but hail storms as well.
    • Lightning:  Get that All-Weather Warranty, and we’ve got you covered… even when lightning strikes!
    • Depending on the location of your new awning or sun shade, you may have a concern with colors fading under extreme exposure to the sun.  JC Awnings will bring almost two decades of experience to bear on your behalf, recommending just the right styles and fabrics to minimize this concern.