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With More than a decade in the Business JC Awnings has served thousands of costumers that now can affirm that we are in fact the best awnings company in Miami 

When You Make The Call…

… Your call will be answered by a real person.

We’ll answer your questions, and set an appointment right away.

    • What’s a convenient time for you, some time in the next few days, during daylight hours?

At the appointed time, the owner of our company – not a commissioned salesperson – will arrive to take a look at your specific needs

    • That’s right. You’ll be talking to the most knowledgeable, experienced member of JC Awnings, the Best Awnings Company in Miami, who’ll usually arrive near the beginning of your two-hour appointment window (and within that window 95% of the time).

You’ll have a pleasant exchange with a real expert in awnings, shades, residential awnings, commercial awnings and other great solutions for your outdoor living (or dining) space.

    • It’s about education. Our expert will want to learn all about your outdoor space and the possibilities and challenges it presents.
    • And you’ll get answers to all your questions, and lots of helpful information about the latest trends in awnings, pergolas, shades, and all the other great options for bringing the most beauty and enjoyment to your property.

And we’ll schedule the professional installation of your beautiful new awning.

    • In most cases, you’ll be enjoying your “new” custom outdoor space in about a month!

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Schedule your appointment with no commitment but excellence and one of our specialist will contact you, listen to you and guide you to the best awning solution for your property or business in Miami

 Here’s What You’ll Get From Our Professional Team Of Awning Experts at JC Awnings 

Miami and the whole state of Florida values with enterprise-level selection and savings… a powerful combination!

You’ll get the widest possible selection of the BEST quality awnings, shades, and pergolas in Miami.

    • Nobody has access to a better array of beautiful products than JC Awnings the Best Awning Company.
    • We bring you the best from the best

You’ll get a fair, reasonable price.

    • From selection to service, scheduling to installation, JC Awnings has you covered. We do the job right… and at the best possible price for the kind of outstanding workmanship you want and expect. The Best awnings company in Miami 
Residential Awnings

Your project will be completed on a schedule that meets your needs.

    • Depending on the time of year, and the demand at the various factories, we’ll usually take delivery of your materials within three or four weeks (sometimes a little longer during the busiest seasons).
    • Once we’ve received your new awning, shade, or pergola materials in-house, we’ll schedule your installation within the next few days… no “surprise” delays waiting for materials to ship.

Our professional installation crew will arrive when we say they will.

    • And your awning will be installed – properly – within the planned schedule time.

You will meet the most outstanding crew of awning installation experts anywhere.

    • The crew that completes your project will be trusted employees of JC Awnings inc… not subcontractors. That’s important. While a crew of subcontractors might be primarily motivated by getting the job done as quickly as possible, our crews focus on quality-control… on getting the job done right, within the time-frame you need.

If challenges come up, you’ll have a crew of pros who know what to do.

    • The Best Awnings Company JC Awnings has had Miami’s outdoor spaces “covered” for almost two decades. We’ve seen it all! Our experienced installation crews have worked together for years, and our crew leaders have directed hundreds of top-notch installations.
    • Our crews undergo rigorous training. They’re pros!

You’ll get a pleasant experience, start to finish.

    • Our crews are experts in the technical aspects of your awning installation project… but, hey, they’re also really nice guys! Friendly, approachable, and always happy to chat with you and answer your questions throughout the installation process.
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Residential Awnings

And you’ll get the best installation from JC Awnings the Best Awnings Company in Miami

    • A group of subcontractors doing a rush job might short-cut the process. JC Awnings’s professional crews never cut corners.
    • We do a lot of roof-mounted installations – we undoubtedly have more experience than any subcontractor crew you could find.
    • Your installation will benefit from a thick coat of sealant and a tight seal – right into the studs – a seal that just won’t leak.
    • In decades of roof-top installations, we’ve never installed an awning that caused a roof to leak! Could you find a subcontractor crew who could say that?

JC Awnings The Best Awnings Company in Miami

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